Renewed Education Strategies for Experienced Teachers - in Flexible Sections format

While most people would agree that a solid education in math is important, let's face it folks, we have an image problem. Many of our students enter Math classrooms nervous, trepidatious, and even afraid. The Colleagues in Contact series brings together teachers from across the network of schools to share ideas, resources, curriculum and pedagogy. In this course teachers will work together to share and develop strategies to reduce the stress and fear our students often associate with Math. Areas of focus will include Classroom Design, Instructional Strategies, and Assessment Strategies. Teachers will complete the course having crafted a lesson, tool, or assessment designed to make the math experience a friendlier one for students.

Part spiritual and part practical, the goal of this short, low-stress program is to provide a process for formal reflection of lessons learned over the past school year with the intention of identifying one or two pandemic-adopted, high-impact practices that the teacher-participant would like to retain and refine for use in next year’s teaching.

This course provides instructional coaching and teaching mentorship for AVLI online faculty.